Who is Agent 21 Valorant? (2023)

Who is Agent 21 Valorant?

Riot Games Valorant's 21st agent seemingly had a secret development codename of "Varun Batra,' but now we know his true identity as Harbor.

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Is Agent 21 Indian?

The character is the first character of Indian descent in Valorant, which has steadily become one of India's most popular competitive shooting games.

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Why is Harbor Agent 21?

Incidentally,there is a discrepancy between the official numbers of agents and the actual number of agents in the game. That's why he's Agent 21 and 20 at the same time. Oct 12: Riot Games released the official trailer for Harbor.

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Where does Agent 21 come from?

The soon-to-be agent 21 comes outIn theand has a water-based tool kit.

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Who is Agent 20 Valorant?

Valorant Agent 20 has been revealed asFade, a deadly huntress who uses fear to stun and frighten her enemies.

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What is Agent 21?

The Agent 21 seriesfollows sixteen-year-old Zak Darke who unexpectedly becomes a government agent after being orphaned. After Zak's parents die in an unexplained mass murder, he is left alone in the world.

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Who is the oldest cop?

Age of each Valorant agent

Okay, a little TLDR: the oldest cop isSulfur, and the youngest is Neon.

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Who is Agent 19 Valorant?

Valorant Agent 19 skills have reportedly been leaked. The new agent seemingly plunges into battle with a number of projectile-based abilities. Like many others on the roster, this new character, reportedly known as 'Bounty Hunter,' can throw orbs to change the course of a round.

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Who is the 22nd Agent in Valorant?

Tactical shooter Valorant is about to release his 22nd agent, called an InitiatorGekko, during the next Act of the game. Riot Games has revealed the newest agent for Valorant: an American promoter named Gekko, who joins the roster of the popular tactical hero shooter in the next Act of the game.

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What is Agent Phoenix's real name?

Jamie Adeyemi, better known as Phoenix, is one of the original agents of Valorant and one of the 3 duelists available at the game's launch. He was everyone's favorite because he possessed a versatile skill kit that included healing, flashing, and a wall.

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Who is the #1 agent in Valorant?

Sulfuris an American comptroller and the leader of VALORANT. As Agent 1, he acts in lore as the commander of all other VALORANT agents.

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Who is Agent 16 Valorant?

Agent 16's name in Valorant turned out to be "Grenadier".

Who is Agent 21 Valorant? (2023)
Is Agent 21 a controller?

Dive into the hearts of players everywherethe latest agent to join Valorant, Harbor, is an Indian controllerwhich may be a sight to behold but seems to be a force of nature on the battlefield of the FPS game.

Who are the characters in Agent 21?

The main character isZak Dark, a seventeen-year-old amateur detective. Raf and Gabs are his adult mentors. Rodney Hendricks, the terrorist, and Malcolm Mann, a computer hacker, also feature heavily in the book.

Does Agent 7 exist?

Does Agent 7 exist (currently)? In short, the answer is a disappointing 'no'. 'The concept of Agent 7 only exists thanks to the existence of Agent 8 in the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC.

Who is the 17th Agent?

The new agent is codenamed 'Dead eye'

Who is Agent 15?

Officer 15 doesan alleged Iraqi incapacitated agentwhich is probably chemically identical to or closely related to BZ. Agent 15 was reportedly stockpiled in large quantities prior to and during the Persian Gulf War. After the war, however, the CIA concluded that Iraq had not stored or armed Agent 15.

Is Yoru in love with Skye?

Yoru has several flirty voicelines towards Skye, in which his confused demeanor and unusually high-pitched voice (as opposed to his usual self-assurance) indicate a deeper affection for fellow Radiant.

Who is the most like agent?

bummer. Killjoy is currently the strongest Sentinel and possibly even the most powerful Agent in VALORANT. This was due to recent tweaks and massive Chamber nerfs.

What is the tallest cop?

Did you know,Infringementis the tallest #VALORANT agent? Otherwise, Neon is the shortest.

Is the new Valorant agent Indian?

Where does the new Valorant character come from?Varun Batra, Valorant's new agent, is from India.

Is there an Indian character in Valorant?

Working in the same direction, the franchise has introduced a new agent into the game of Indian descent named Harbor, otherwise known as Varun Batra.

What ethnicity is the new Valorant agent from?

How can we know that the agent ofCuba? At the moment it is a small theory based on the teasers shared by VALORANT so far. But the main reason why we decided to choose Cuba as the country of origin of this new agent is the palm trees.

Is port agent Indian?

The videos reveal that Harbor's real name is Varun Batra andthe character is from India.

What is Sage's real name?

Ling Ying Wei(Chinese: 魏玲瑩) is a radiant monk from China. Ling later became an agent for the VALORANT Protocol as the seventh recruit, "Sage", and was able to work her way up quickly, with the Protocol's superiors identifying natural leadership qualities in her.

What is Raze's real name?

Raze was the first additional character to be added to the closed beta. Cypher referred to Raze as "Izzy" in one of his early quotes, implying that would be her real name. However, the voiceline was removed from the game and her real name was eventually revealed to beTayane.

What race is Reyna from Val?

VALORANT Agents: Reyna, a duelist fromMexico.

Who is the Spanish Valorant agent?

Reynais the 11th agent to join the VALORANT PROTOCOL. She uses her cold blood combined with her radiant powers to take down anyone who opposes her. Forged in the heart of Mexico, Reyna dominates single combat and jumps off with every kill she scores.

What ethnicity is Skye Valorant?

Originating from Australia, Skye and her gang of beasts make their way through hostile territory. With her creations hindering the enemy and her power to heal others, the team is strongest and safest on Skye's side.

Which nation is Jett?

Representing her home country ofSouth Korea, Jett's agile and evasive fighting style allows her to take risks no one else can. She runs circles around every skirmish, cutting off enemies before they even know what hit them.

What is the nationality of Gekko?

Gecko is youngHispanic Americanman wearing a green, purple, and orange cardigan over a black short-sleeved shirt, brown sweatpants, white and gold shoes with blue socks, blue and green-and-yellow gloves over his hands, and a belt around his waist with a bun that Mosh is holding.

Who is the white-haired girl from Valorant?

Jett is a short, fair-skinned girl who is the smallest of the VALORANT agents. She has white hair, which she puts in a bun at the back. Her bangs are quite long and remain stable in lock. Her eyes are blue and she looks like she's wearing eyeliner.

What is Fade's nationality?

VALORANT Agents: Fade, an initiator ofTurkey.

What is Reyna's real name?


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