Who is 1st on spotify 2022? (2023)

Who is second worldwide on Spotify 2022?

This artist's name is Ed Sheeran. He managed to gather 97.55 million fans listening to his songs on June 1st. In second place for a while now is mega-pop artist Ariana Grande, who has amassed 79.9 million streams on the Swedish music streaming service.

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Who is number 1 on Spotify 2023?

As of January 2023, The Weeknd has the most monthly listeners on Spotify. Ed Sheeran is the most followed male artist and Drake is the most streamed artist of all time. The Weeknd is a Canadian singer who has won multiple awards including four Grammys, 20 Billboard Music Awards and 17 Juno Awards.

Who is #1 Artist 2022?

2022 was the year of thebad bunny. The superstar topped Billboard's year-end Top Artists chart for the first time, and his blockbuster release Un Verano Sin Ti was the year-end #1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Summary.

Who has 1b streams on Spotify?

Spotify maintains a playlist of almost every song with over a billion streams. As of February 2023, a total of at least 365 songs have reached this milestone.
100 meistgestreamte Songs.
Lied"Blinding Lights"
streams (billions)3.427
ArtistDie weeknd
release date29. November 2019
88 more columns

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What is the top 1% on Spotify?

What exactly does top percent mean on Spotify Wrapped? The title "Top Percentage" is pretty self-explanatory.The number reflects a user's affiliation with an artist's top listening base, which essentially means they listen to their music more often than the average listener.

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Who is the world number 5 on Spotify?

It includes their names and all the all-time Spotify stream numbers.
The 10 Most Streamed Artists of All Time (Update 2023)
PositionArtistAll Spotify streams of all time
2bad bunny49.6 billion
3Taylor Swift40,4 Mrd
4Ed Sheeran40,2 Mrd
5Die weeknd38,2 Mrd
6 more rows
31 January 2023

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Who is the most streamed rapper?

The 100 most-streamed artists of 2022 are experiencing a rap takeover. Sitting number one isErpel, who is now this year's top streaming artist with 6.7 billion streams.

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What is the most streamed Spotify song of all time?

Top Spotify Songs – Results
1Shape of you Ed Sheeran3.872.415.837
2I'm sorry, Justin Bieber3.684.858.532
3Wake me up Avicii3.676.064.029
4Blinding Lights The Weeknd3.504.217.545
47 more lines

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What is the most played song on Spotify?

Spotify Top 100 Most Streamed Songs
1. Ed Sheeran - Shape of you3307042661
2. The Weeknd - Blinding Lights3285156792
3. Tones And I – Dance Monkey2707855088
4 - Lewis Capaldi - Someone you loved2564964399
21 more lines

Who is currently the number 1 artist?

popularity rankingArtisttrack fans
01ErpelFollow Fans: 4,901,026
02RihannaFollow fans: 4,884,825
03ColdplayFollow fans: 4,820,818
04EminemFollow fans: 4,790,739
94 more lines

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Who is currently the top artist?

  • Erpel.
  • 451.
  • 451.

Who is #1 on Billboard 2022?

Adele, "Already to me"

Who is 1st on spotify 2022? (2023)
How much money is 1 million streams on Spotify?

For example, as an artist, as far as I know, you earn: The average price per stream is $0.004. $4 for every 1,000 streams.$4000 for every million streams.

Which song will reach 2 billion streams on Spotify the fastest?

Conversation. The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber's "STAY" officially becomes the fastest 2 BILLION-streamed song in Spotify history.

What is the oldest song on Spotify?

Believe it or not, the oldest song on Spotify is actually the oldest song in the world. Titled "The Hymn of Ugarit', the track is a modern recording by Al-Pha-X of the oldest known piece of music ever discovered. The song dates from the 14th century BC. and was discovered on a clay tablet in the 1950s.

How much does 2 million streams on Spotify pay?

How much Spotify pays per stream, they pay roughly0,04 $ pro 10 Streams. So 1000 streams would cost around $4, and 100,000 streams would cost $400. Keep in mind that this result may be lower due to certain factors, e.g. B. if only half of your song has been listened to.

Are Spotify Artists Paid?

When a song is playing on Spotify,the rights holders receive royalties for this, regardless of whether it is played by a premium or ad-supported customer. For detailed information on the economics of the music industry and artist payments, visit spotify.com/loudandclear.

What is the most streamed song of all time?

(WJW) - The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" is officially the most streamed song of all time on Spotify. According to Chart Data, the song overtook Ed Sheeran's song "Shape of You" with over 3.334 billion streams on the platform.

Who is the greatest artist of all time?

As of 2022, the world's best-selling artists. Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock bandDie Beatlesare at the top of the list of best-selling artists worldwide with 183 million certified units. In second place is Garth Brooks with over 157 million units sold, followed by Elvis Presley with 139 million units sold.

Who is the best singer in the world 2022 Spotify?

Top Artists 2022
  • Me Porto BonitoBad Bunny, Chencho Corleone.
  • Anti-HeldTaylor Swift.
  • Out of TimeThe Weeknd.
  • MassiveDrake.
  • ShiversEd Sheeran.
  • Late Night TalkingHarry Styles.
  • Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon) Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar, Giveon.
  • Violent CrimeKanye West.

Who has the second most monthly listeners on Spotify in 2022?

According to Spotify data, Bad Bunny was the most-streamed artist worldwide in 2022 with more than 18.5 billion streams and almost 61 million monthly listeners. The second most streamed artist wasTaylor Swift, followed by Drake.

Who has ever sold the most records?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock bandDie Beatlesare at the top of the list of best-selling artists worldwide with 183 million certified units. In second place is Garth Brooks with over 157 million units sold, followed by Elvis Presley with 139 million units sold.

Where is Spotify most popular?

Spotify's largest market in 2021 was Europe with 146 million users. This is the country with the most usersUnited States, with over 88 million Spotify users.

What is the most listened song on Spotify 2022?

Most streamed albums and songs in 2022

In the meantime, "How It Was” by Stylesbecame the most-streamed song worldwide, followed by Glass Animals' "Heat Waves", The Kid LAROI's "STAY (with Justin Bieber)", Bad Bunny feat. Chencho Corleone and Bad Bunny's Tití Me Pregunto.

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