What happens if I don't shoot Chris or Ashley? (2023)

What happens if you choose not to shoot Chris or Ashley?

If Chris doesn't shoot AshleyYour relationship will be maximized regardless of your previous status. On the other hand, if Chris shoots Ashley, their relationship will go down to zero.

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What happens if you don't shoot Chris or Ashley until dawn?


At the end of the chapter, Chris has the choice of either shooting Ashley, shooting himself, or nobody at all. BUTTERFLY EFFECT UPDATE: Regardless of who you're photographing (or not photographing),the result will be the same in the next chapter.

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Is there a way to save both Josh and Ashley until dawn?

Until dawn? If you are referring to the scene then I think the spoiler free answer isYou cannot save both in this scene. However, as you play a few more chapters, you'll find that there's a way for both of them to stay alive mid-game.

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What happens if you leave Chris behind?

Chris. If Chris was left behind and Ashley dies opening the latch,he will be beheaded regardless of his choice, whether it's examining the voice, opening or walking past the latch, or just ignoring the voice.

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Who is the hardest character to rescue in Until Dawn?

Matt. Matt is known as the most difficult character to keep alive, and very few succeed in a blind playthrough because so many seemingly insignificant decisions are key to his survival.

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What happens if you don't shoot Chris The Quarry?

It's impossible to prevent Chris from getting infected as he becomes a werewolf before the game starts in The Quarry. However, it is possible to save Chris if players make certain choices in Chapter 9.Other characters will die, including some of the camp counselors.

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Is it possible to beat Until Dawn with no deaths?

As it turns out, Until Dawn's "best" ending lets you keep every playable character alive. That's right, in this awful slasher game,You really can save anyone. Despite this possible, unusual ending, the game begins with more than just a few tropes.

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How many endings are there in Until Dawn?

Speaking to IGN, The Quarry director Will Byles elaborated on the game's variables, revealing that indeed it would have been the case186 unique endings.

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What happens if you unfollow Chris Until Dawn?

Hill. BUTTERFLY EFFECT UPDATE (investigative movement): If you've decided not to follow Chris,Ashley will take a look at the psycho. You'll also find Sam tied to either a chair or a dummy (depending on whether Sam escaped the Psycho in Chapter 5).

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What happens if you decide to save Ashley in Until Dawn?

If you save Ashleyshe is safe from the Wendigo. However, she's still in the lodge, so if you later decide to run to the switch, she'll still die in the blast. If you run to the switch, Ashley and Mike will die in the explosion.

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What happens when Ashley follows Chris?

If Ashley follows Chris,Ashley tells Chris he's right and she'll slip inside. When Sam got caught by the Psycho, a dummy hangs from a hook in her clothing next to hanging dead pigs. As Ashley investigates the sound, the door slams with Chris on the other side and Ashley runs to the wall.

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Can Chris be saved?

unfortunately,There is no way players can stop Chris from being bitten by the werewolf. The way players can somehow save Chris in The Quarry is by declining Laura's offer to bite Ryan and stop him from turning into a werewolf in chapter nine.

What happens if I don't shoot Chris or Ashley? (2023)
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